How to Sell in an Australian Summer

Selling a house in the heat of an Australian summer can be just a little bit trickier than selling during other times of the year. With the most recommended seasons being spring or autumn, summer doesn’t really lend itself to a home open. This is not only because of the weather, but also because summer in Australia is full of holidays and families winding down for the year.

However, if you are really keen to sell, there are some steps you can take to give the project a better chance of success.

There are a few upsides to selling in summer also. There is less competition in the market when you don’t sell in spring or autumn. In the “peak” season, you are going to need to work extra hard to ensure your home stands out from the crowd, in terms of both looks and the all-important price tag.

In addition, there are homes that are perfect for summer sales – holiday houses, homes by the water, houses on high elevations with a beautiful afternoon breeze.

Summer is also the perfect time to “summer clean” your house from top to bottom. Get the kids involved and declutter. A clean, clutter free, spacious and airy home will make a big impact in the eyes of the potential buyer. Add a few cool blues and greens to your décor to bring some relief from the outdoors.

Our hot seasons in Perth are particularly challenging for gardening, but with some water wise plants, a bit of TLC on the lawn and some low maintenance options for your home new prospective owner, your summer friendly garden may just be the icing on the cake.

The season is the perfect one for a fresh coat of paint and a lick of oil on your deck to freshen up your external areas. While we’re on the subject, make the most of your outdoor, summer entertaining areas.

Finally, schedule inspections early in the morning or just before dusk when the sun has a little less bite. Turn the air conditioner or fans on at least an hour before a potential buyer arrives and think cool.