Keeping your home safe and secure

According to police, a large number of break-ins occur over the any holiday period. Thieves know that many people are away on holidays and they target homes that can look “less lived in”. So what does this mean and how can you minimise your chances of becoming simply another statistic whilst you are away enjoying yourself.

1. Ensure that you have quality locks on all doors and windows. If any doors can be deadlocked then be sure to do this as well. This means that if thieves are able to gain entry to your home, getting out may prove difficult and this can limit how much they are able to steal.
2. Never ever leave a spare key lying around your home. Many people still have one under a pot plant or stashed in the garden. Thieves know this and if they have the time, can simply scour your home and then let themselves in with your spare key.
3. Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to look in on your home. Get them to come regularly and perform some tasks that can show you are home. Overflowing letterboxes, newspapers left on the lawn and every single blind down and curtain closed all the time are sure indications that no-one is home.
4. Install a timer light. These can give your home the appearance that someone is home. Put it in a room that someone cannot easily look in to and thereby ascertain that no-one is home.
5. Inform your neighbours (that you know) that you will be on holidays so that they can be alert to any unusual or suspicious activity around your property.
6. Install DIY cameras. These are much easier than you imagine to put in and act as a real deterrent to would-be burglars.
7. Install a back to base alarm. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure and that if the alarm is triggered someone will attend your property to check it out.
8. Tidy up your front garden – an overgrown lawn or garden can be signs that no-one is home.

Now that your home is looking lived in and nice and secure, be sure to enjoy your holiday!