Keeping your home secure during a home open

Home Opens are the natural way to sell your home but unfortunately they can give opportunistic thieves the perfect setting to case your home or steal a few items quickly and easily. Here are a few things you can do to minimise the risk of theft during and after a home open:

1. Speak to your real estate agent – stress the importance of ensuring all doors and windows are locked before they leave after a home open.
2. Put things out of sight – do not leave valuables, especially those that are easily picked up such as jewellery, electronic devices and expensive perfumes.
3. Take photos of your home – we get used to looking at our home and the items in it and may not immediately realise that something has gone missing. To prevent this we need to put a little planning in place. It is a good idea to take some photos of each room and list items that are on display
4. Lock cupboards – if you have expensive items put away, do not presume that they are safe. Many people feel free to open cupboards and drawers so if you want something kept safe, the best place is a safe or behind a lock and key.
5. Dangerous items – if you have prescription medication, this is best kept locked away not only from theft but from small children’s reach. If you own a gun or dangerous weapon, this should not only be locked away but you should keep this out of sight.
6. Don’t forget sheds and outdoors – many people store expensive items in their sheds and forget to secure these – items left outside are more vulnerable as people do not need to gain access to your home to get them.
7. Check your insurance policy – many people find out too late that they are underinsured or do not have adequate insurance on particular items.
8. Don’t stay away too long – home opens tend to run to very tight schedules so there is no need to stay out the entire day. Coming home soon after the home open means that you can double check that your home has been properly locked up. If you are planning on staying out all day, ask a friend or neighbour to look in on your home.